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Clause 1.

The Rise Media Business and Technical Training School offers a convenient and affordable alternative payment plan. This monthly payment plan is offered to our students. You will have a Registration and Administration Fees of $600.00. 

Your first monthly payment is due on the 10th of the month after your courses begin and you will have a total of (10) Ten Monthly Payments in total. Please note that a ($25) Twenty-five Dollar Late Fee will be applied for any payment made past the due date and a ($38) Thirty-Eight Dollar fee will be charged as a Returned Check fee.

Clause 2.

Depending on which month your courses began, all monthly payments are $300 with the exception of the months of December 2022 and April 2023. The monthly payment schedule is as follows:

$300 - Due February 10, 2023

$300 - Due March 10, 2023

$150 - Due April 10, 2023

$300 - Due May 10, 2023

$300 - Due June 10, 2023

$300 - Due July 10, 2023

$300 - Due August 10, 2023

$300 - Due September 10, 2023

$300 - Due October 10, 2023

$300 - Due November 10, 2023

$300 - Due December 10, 2023

$300 - Due January 10, 2024

Clause 3.

Arrangements to participate in the Student Deferred Tuition Payment Plan Agreement must be made by accessing this website ( and selecting the Tuition Payment Plan Agreement Form. Students must be fully enrolled in the student deferred tuition payment plan prior to their first payment due date to avoid being dropped from their classes.

Payments are set up under an automatic payment system from a checking or savings account, Visa, or MasterCard with payments being deducted according to the plan’s due dates for each month.

Clause 4.

TUITION PAYMENT PLAN DEADLINES. While the School reserves the right to release courses due to non-payment following payment deadlines, it is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from planned coursework prior to the start of courses to avoid financial responsibility. The School has discontinued the practice of daily course deletion due to non-payment to allow for additional processing time of expected payment sources. It is critical to follow-up on all expected payment sources and make sure the funds have applied to your account to secure your course selections. This includes student financial aid, payment plans, and third-party payments.

Clause 5.

DELINQUENCY ACCOUNTS AND THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENT PAYMENTS. You acknowledge that a delinquency in payment of any amount due from a Student or the Financial Responsible Party (named on this Agreement) to the School or under any Deferred Payment or Student Loan program administered by the School or failure of the student financial deferred payment recipient to complete an exit interview before leaving the School will result in denial of registration, exclusion from classes, withholding of grades, transcripts and/or certificates. The School employs the services of a Collection Agency and their measures are to refer delinquent accounts to the credit bureau (which will remain on the credit report for the next seven years). If the delinquent account is referred to a collection agency, the student (and/or the Financial Responsible Party) will be held liable for all collection costs incurred, in addition to the delinquent amount due. These collection costs can add up to one-third of the additional expense to a student’s indebtedness to the School.

Clause 6.

STUDENT DEFERRED TUITION PAYMENT PLAN. You (the Student) and/or the Financial Responsible Party confirm to have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this entire Student Deferred Student Tuition Payment Plan Agreement.There are a total of (10) Ten Monthly Payments to be made by the financial responsible party (i.e., either by the Student or by the Financial Responsible Party who's name is contained here in this Agreement below on behalf of the Student).


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Who is the Person who is the Financial Responsible Party who will be responsible for all of the Student's School Costs and Monthly Tuition Payments?*
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